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ATTENTION Business Owners, Affiliate and Network Marketers

This unique program will get you growing your business, income and brand faster and for
far less cost than going it alone ...

Dear Business Owner / Entrepreneur,

Want to get more active online, improve performance in your current operations, re-invigorate an existing product, build greater customer loyalty, or start a 2nd business / new venture?

Now you can implement these and many more income building options quickly and at a fraction of the cost when you join us as a Wealth Traders PARTNER.

The Wealth Traders Partner Program is designed for any business and / or entrepreneur seeking a business which provides online and offline income growth options.

It's a digital business and a real business all rolled in one!

Every Wealth Traders Partner receives:

No 1 BUSINESS COACHING - the guidance and direction you need to build a solid foundation in your business. This includes creating a winning mindset and the business processes you need for growth. The coaching programs you receive can be used personally plus as a "fixed-cost" staff training tool.
No 2 MORE WAYS TO ATTRACT NEW CLIENTS, REPEAT BUSINESS AND REFERRALS - via an instant portfolio of products and services you can introduce to almost any business in any industry.  Every business needs secondary income streams which it can present online and / or through normal business action.
No 3 INSTANT WEBSITE CONTENT - an instant website of your own which you can brand,modify and expand to 70, 100 or more pages very quickly. More content = keeping your customers on your site longer ... and this increases your chances of a return. (This is a full website which YOU own, not a feed or a sub-domain on someone else's server.)
No 4 MULTIPLE WAYS TO IMPROVE BUSINESS PERFORMANCE - you get access to PROVEN outsourcing specialists all of whom are established companies rather than freeleancers. You can use them to:- streamline your business overheads -- build customer loyalty -- establish a virtual business -- or expand your consulting capabilities.
No 5 FREEDOM TO DRIVE YOUR BUSINESS IN WHATEVER WAY YOU WISH - you can:- market the portfolio we provide online and / or offline -- use our billing system or bill direct -- build passive income streams -- re-invigorate existing product lines -- create new products -- and much more. You build your income and brand YOUR way!

Every business needs some or all of these capabilities!

Successful businesses and entrepreneurs already have some or all of the above capabilities within their operations, allowing them to move in new directions and take advantage of new opportunities quickly.

By positioning yourself to be on an equal footing, you can also progress your money making endeavors faster and with far greater certainty.

THE GOOD NEWS: You can join the Wealth Traders Partner Program today for a one-time fee of only US$297.

This is a fraction of what it would cost you if you tried bringing all of the above together on your own.There is no other program anywhere which gives you all of the above the capabilities for such a low price.

Whether you seek extra monetization options for an existing website, an extra "content-rich" minisite, a way to streamline costs in your current operations, a base for a new business, an extension to your current operations, or a simple way to develop an additional / 2nd income stream, then the above can help you achieve your goals faster and at a fraction of the usual cost.

Click on the link below to discover how this program can work for you.

To your success,

Jon Michaelis
Wealth Using The Net

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