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More Than Templates

Build An Engaging Website FAST
And For Less Cost

MORE THAN TEMPLATES is a powerful tool for developing a fully customizable HTML-based website, one which allows you to project the uniqueness of your business the way you want without being locked into fixed page, menu and presentation formats as is the case with many content management systems.

With this package, you can set up your NEW website 'shell' in a few minutes. Included are:

Tick    Templates for a single, two or three column layout – or you can create your own
Tick    Top and left side menu layouts including fixed and 'drop down' styles
Tick    Member Area, already set up, with sign up process and password retrieval
Tick    Admin function for you to manage member sign ups and analysing site traffic
Tick    Presentation scripts let you add video, a slideshow, photo gallery and pop ups
Tick    Forum script (allows users to ask questions and comment among themselves)
Tick    Affiliate tracking script (you can use others to promote and sell for you)
Tick    Contact Form (makes it easy and friendly to answer questions)

Making your site unique 

An important issue for website and blog owners is being 'seen' by the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. This is the easiest way to get 'traffic' (daily visitors to your web site looking for something you are offering). This will happen when Google (mainly) becomes aware of and indexes your pages, helping to place them high on the list of search results for key words and phrases, and 'page ranked' for quality, mainly based on unique content. A lot of this depends on the originality and usefulness of the content on your pages. They know if it's simply been copied from somewhere else!

Therefore, once you have your shell website (templates and pages with prefilled content and menu) in place, you should add your own graphics and more content to turn it into a unique, fully completed website such as you can see on the right. You can have this all done in less than a day.

It's true that you could find an already overused template or install Wordpress or Weebly free on your host and be up and running just as quickly, but these alternatives lack the design flexibility of More Than Templates, as demonstrated by the samples shown here.

As you go through this site, you will see a variety of formats (1, 2 and 3 column) plus there is no single fixed right hand menu as is the case with most content management-based systems. This allows you to use images and other content on each page which are specific to the message or promotional objective on a particular page.

In order to fine tune your website and make it unique, the layout and content can be added to, moved around or removed as you see fit. To get your website looking exactly how you want it, you will benefit from some familiarity with HTML. Although this sounds complicated to someone who has no experience, the lines of code in htm and php pages use English words and characters that can easily be edited using the Windows Notepad or a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) free website editor Kompozer which can also transfer changed files direct to your server by FTP (file transfer protocol). However the free FTP program like FileZilla is perfectly adequate. 

Some of these scripts are public domain whilst others have been custom developed. All scripts have been fully tested in sites listed to the right – and they all work. This site utilizes these scripts.Modification of scripts within the code is also possible, but probably unnecessary.

There is a cost - your, staff member or an external contractors time - associated with developing a unique website whether you acquire a standard template or seek to develop a unique look using a tool such as Wordpress. Using More Than Templates as a base for your website is no different.

The big advantage is that you have a base / shell in place and so you / your developer does not have to spend hours or days setting up Member Areas, secure logins etc. They are in place and working within 5 minutes of set-up.

The time - and money - savings are significant!

If you want a website with a unique look and full of engaging capabilities without spending weeks developing the functionality required, then More Than Templates is a tool you should be considering.

SPECIAL BONUS: More Than Templates includes a copy of the Cloak and Tracker software, a powerful tool for taking control of all your online marketing. A MUST HAVE for nyone who markets through PPC, eZines, Affiliate channels.

Money Making Essentials

More Than Templates includes a ready-to-go 28 page Content Website which you can brand, modify and expand as you wish. You can have this website live on your own domain in as little as 30 minutes.(Click on image to view.)

A $444 Value

You Pay: US$147 US$97

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More Than Templates

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