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Forex & Options Trading

Prepare yourself for building and growing a
profitable and sustainable business which
prospers in any economic environment


Includes: 372 tips and strategies you can apply in
your business today to explode your profits!

The most successful people are not necessarily those with the best killer copy, the biggest lists, the highest profiles or the best products – the very things which many marketing program / scheme promoters keep saying you need in order to succeed.

Yes, great copy, your list, your industry profile and your products are all very important. But none is going to drive your success on its own.

That’s because there is a holistic nature to doing business and so you’ve got to bring all of these components – plus many more - together in a synergistic way. It’s what is commonly referred to as your Business Process … with marketing being an integral part of that.

THE REAL WORLD MARKETER guides you through what is required to establish and maintain effective Business Processes.

It's a collaboration between Joe McAleer, a former VP Marketing Bank of America, and George Notaras, the Founder of WealthTraders.com who share more than 60 years of commercial business and marketing experience across a diverse range of industries and mediums in many different countries.

It is NOT an Internet marketing program as the authors stress the importance of INTEGRATED MARKETING, sound direction considering that 85% of commerce is still conducted offline.

47 Guides featuring 372 tips and strategies which you can apply in your business today...

These Guides are grouped in the Categories featured to the right so you can apply a systematic "step-by-step" process in your learning process.

Some of these Guides are significant, the equivalent in size to many eBooks which are being sold from $20 - $50.

These Guides are supported by a collection of valuable Bonuses as detailed to the right. These fill in gaps to ensure you have a complete learning experience at your fingertips.

Whilst the above graphic suggests this is an eBook, the program is actually provided through a secure Member Area so can access the information when needed from anywhere.

If you are already in business, about to start a business, or do any network or online marketing, then this coaching program will give you realistic, practical and sensible direction on how to get your business geared so that it prospers in any economic environment.

Price: US$97

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The Real World Marketer

Tick  Prepare for Success
Tick  Planning And Strategies
Tick  Putting Your Plan Into Action
Tick  Building and Measuring        Distribution
Tick  Traps and Pitfalls
Tick  Resources

Tick  Building An Internet Community
Tick  23  Essential Agreements
Tick  Profitable Risk Management
Tick  Discover Your Money Style

This Program and all Bonuses are also available within One Stop Business Coach


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